Peacock 😄✨🌟💫


I think the perfection of CREATIVITY is that it’s not perfect. 🎨✏✒💫


16 thoughts on “Peacock 😄✨🌟💫

  1. This is a lovely piece. Creativity is about originality (mostly), and, to me, being original means not being perfect. it is the small imperfections that make something beautiful.

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  2. Your blog pleasing me as much , I am pleased to inform you that I have nominated you to the Liebster Awards.
    A challenge awaits you on my blog, very soon to read your answers to this challenge!
    Friendly !

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      1. Let’s continue ! It’s beautiful when I see your draws I see something I could have put in my own draws. So your draws ‘are speaking’ to me. I don’t know if you will understand what I mean ! 😄🎨🎨🎨

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